As of Tuesday, the 23 May 2020 our Incorporation status with the state of Indiana has been restored, our bank account reopened, and our funds restored. As a result, the Board is in the process of completing the following actions:
1) Paying off debts we have accumulated to various organizations and individuals due to lack of access to funds.
2) Initiating submission of our 2019 Income tax return.
3) Regarding the 2020 Fees for those residents who submitted a check, bankers order, money order etc. These have all being held by the treasure since it was not possible to pay them in until the account was restored.
The plan going forward, as approved by the board members, is to not collect (waive) the 2020 Fees since people have enough issues to deal with corona virus, and for many, stretched finances due to the temporary closure of many businesses. Regarding the checks money orders already received the following action will be taken:
i) Personal checks that include payment for previous years including any late fees will be paid in. If they also include a 2020 payment this will be credited to 2021.l
ii) Checks that only include the 2020 payment will not be paid in but shredded by the treasurer
iii) Money orders and checks will be paid in to the HOA account and credited to 2021 Fees.
iv) Fees received from title agencies as part of the closure process on properties will be paid in as normal.
v) This will not impact unpaid fees for previous years these will still be due. The HOA is moving forward to apply for liens on the associated properties for the amount owed unless paid in full by July 31st.
Parking violations have not been enforced over the past few months due to the extraordinary circumstances, however these will be enforced as of July 1st. Please note the parking of vehicles on the street is restricted per the following paragraph from the restrictions which can be found at http://lcsub.com/restrictions/ .
No automobile shall be continuously or habitually parked on any street or public right-of-way. For purposes of this paragraph, habitually or continuously parked on any street or public right-of-way shall mean any period more than six (6) hours. It is the intent of the developer that residents of the development park their automobiles in their driveways and/or garages.
Several residences are presently in violation of this rule. Continued violation will result in fines of $25 per week or part thereof in accordance with the HOA by laws.
The Board Lewis and Clark Sub-Division HOA.

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