Board Meeting Minutes 22 July 2018

Hollie Baker (Treasurer), Eric Keyes (President), Dave Hambleton (Secretary)
Apologies for Jimmy Logsdon
1) Rules restrictions and by laws ballot (PO Box) Update on incorporation status
The ballot has been issued. Eric will post bylaws to tonight and also put a message on the Facebook page
2) Defaulters on HOA fees and amounts owed
i. there is approximately $4250 outstanding in HOA dues for this year. Final warning letters will be issued in the next month and if not paid by September first (date may change depending on date warning letter is issued) liens on properties for outstanding dues will be applied for. Owners will be responsible for outstanding fees plus lawyer and lien application costs per our original by-laws and the proposed ammendments’.
ii. There is $2000 approximately in outstanding dues from previous administrations and owners. The committee is working on identifying these items and a path forward. It the owner from that period is the same as the present owner then they will be held accountable as in i) above.
iii. Options for owners with overdue fees that have since moved will be identified and options put to the members once complete.
3) Membership list
a. The membership list is up to date as of today
b. We will use “Elevate “ to keep up to date. This is propriatory software and the treasurer has been authorized to obtain a license for committee use. Hollie and Dave will identify owners and amounts owed using this software.
4) Insurance cover
a. We have insurance we need but need to add additional insurance to protect HOA against fraud
5) Google Drive
a. Up and running all important information is being held on the drive.
6) A.O.B.
a. One board member has already resigned, one is about to put their house on the market with the intention of moving. At least two new members are required the board will then have to determine assignment of officers.
b. Erik will post on Face Book that we are looking for people interested then a ballot will be held for election.

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