Duty to Maintain Lot



Excerpt From:

Restrictions and Covenants For
Lewis and Clark Subdivision

“13 Duty To Maintain Lot

b) From and after the date of construction of a single-family dwelling on a lot is started, it shall be the duty of each lot owner to keep the grass on the property cut, keep the lots free from weeds and trash, and to keep it otherwise neat and attractive in appearance ,shall any owner fail to do so then the developer or any person, firm, corporation or association to whom the it may assign the right (in our case the HOA) may take such as it deems appropriate including mowing , in order to make the lot neat and attractive and the owner shall immediately upon demand, reimburse developer or other performing party for all expenses incurred in so doing.”

The neighborhood developer applied these Restrictions and Covenants to the deed of each parcel in the Lewis & Clark Neighborhood.  These Restrictions and Covenants are legally binding items that are put in place to ensure that the neighborhood as a whole will prosper.  It gives the Homeowners Association (the property owners) the ability to prevent individual owners from bringing down the property value of the neighborhood through their lack of care and neglect.  The HOA Board has the responsibility to give voice to all property owners in order to achieve a balance in the neighborhood while maintaining the appearance and resale value of all lots.

The HOA Board has received numerous complaints about lots that have excessive amounts of weeds. In the case of weeds it is the boards intention to enforce the requirements of paragraph 13(b) on the first of Jan 2019.  This gives anybody who finds themselves in violation of this requirement until then to bring their yard back into compliance with the Restrictions and Covenants in regard to weeds.

All other requirements with respect to parking, trash and mowing will be subject to immediate enforcement.

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