LCSub HOA Special meeting (Street lights) minutes

6/7/17 Moose Lodge

Attendees: Jimmy Logsdon (President)

      Hollie Baker (Secretary)

      Doug Long (Treasurer)

      Eric Keyes

      6 HOA members

Purpose of meeting was to reveal results of street light vote and answer questions pertaining to lights.

Jimmy Logsdon was spokesperson.

Meeting called to order by Jimmy Logsdon at 6:04 pm

After researching restrictions, it was found that quorum was defined as the majority. This is found in Item 21, section b, subsection iii. 84 ballots were collected, 82 were needed to make quorum. 75 approved, 9 disapproved, so vote passed.

Light installation will begin in approximately 2 weeks.

Newsletter will go out with vote results, as well as being posted on LCSub facebook page.

Eric made a motion to adjourn, Doug seconded, all were in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 6:32 pm.

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