Lewis and Clark HOA Annual General Meeting

Lewis and Clark HOA Annual General Meeting
Minutes Of meeting Held 7 March 2018 6:00PM
Location: 7810 IN-60, Sellersburg, IN 47172
Board Members: Jimmy Logsdon (President), Doug Long (Treasurer), Hollie Baker (Secretary), Eric Keyes, Marty Hope.
Notes of Meeting

  • The president opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance.
  • Ballot results: there were two vacancies and two candidates Jimmy Logsdon the retiring president and David Hambleton both were duly elected to the board.
  • The board members for 2018 are Erik Keyes (President), Hollie Baker (Treasurer), Dave Hambleton (Secretary), Marty Hope, and Jimmy Logsdon.
  • Treasury Report was reviewed (attached) and no comments were received
  • Old business
    • Street lighting has been completed with the exception of possibly one additional light at Prairie Place and Perry Crossing Parkway which is still under consideration.
    • Street Parking – enforcement of no on street parking is on going.
    • The minutes of the last annual meeting 4/4/17 were reviewed and agreed .
    • Road maintenance issues. The county has been informed of the potholes on Louis and Clark. The county will fill the potholes in accordance with their schedule and it may be fall before they are filled. Potholes are only filled spring to fall as asphalt plants close for the winter. The pothole at Prairie Place and Lewis and Clark is located on a spring. In order to repair this properly the spring will have to be capped and diverted. This is being discussed with the county.
  • Committee Reports
    • News Letter – can be found on the website LCsub.com. It will be published as considered appropriate by the committee
    • The committee has a website LCsub.com and a face book group called LCSub which can be accessed from the web page 0r by searching for LCSub on Facebook. Facebook is for intercommunity communication and not for official business. It may be used from time to time by the committee to get a feel for specific issues including use for polling. However this is non binding since other considerations such as legal may impact implementation. Official communications and ballots will be via direct communication or using the web page LCSub.com
    • The Xmas wreaths. Feedback is they were welcomed by the members as a whole. However removal has proved difficult and can only be performed when
      the ground is dry or frozen since the poles are not placed in concrete. The committee is considering adding standoffs similar to those used in Sellersburg so that we can use flags and banners. This would facilitate much easier installation and removal. This will be further investigated.
  • Meeting Adjourned

Issued 9 March 2017 8:00am

Sign In Sheet

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