Minutes of 2019 Annual General Meeting.

The Meeting was opened by the President at 7-30pm Prompt.

The Board apologized for the discrepancy between the meeting agenda and the signs placed on the development with regard to meeting start time. There was an issue with the time provided by the sign makers so start time was 7-30pm as per the signs and not 7-00pm as stated on the agenda’.


Eric Keyes 2018 president

David Hambleton 2018 Secretary

Owners or owners representatives for the following properties

12215 New Perry Lane

12110 Meriwether

12125 Meriwether

11708 Perry Crossing

11722 Perry Crossing

12002 Timberfield Court

12006 Timberfield Court12005 Lewis Drive1208 Lumberfield Lane

1215 Lumberfield Lane


Hollie Baker 2018 Treasurer who resigned prior to the meeting as she is no longer a member of the development.

Jimmy Logsdon who had a scheduling conflict

  1. The minutes of the 2018 Meeting were read by the president and accepted
  2. Treasurer’s report. The board apologized for the lack of a formal treasurers report due to the resignation of the Treasurer. One will be generated at a later date and posted to LCsub.com. Users of facebook LCsub group will be notified.
    1. Go Daddy (Website Maintenance
    1. REMC Street lighting
    1. Insurance for third party liability and the board
    1. Elevate subscription. This is software which allows the board to identify existing owners to help ensure notices of meetings and HOA dues are sent to the owner.
    1. Yard sale advertising
    1. Attorney Fees
    1. Mailing Fees
    1. Street Lights ground reinstatement

Several owners are delinquent on their 2018 HOA dues and liens will be issued shortly after discussions with the attorney.

Expenditure for 2019 is expected to be similar to 2018 with the addition of expenditure of up to $ 5000 for the clearing of the drainage pond. (see below).

3 New Members

25 Ballots were received with 3 Votes against each candidate. Since the candidates were unopposed and the majority of ballots received were in favor of Amy Palmer and William Davis they were elected.

Eric Keyes and Jimmy Logsdon agreed to remain on the board as ordinary members since there were no other candidates. Dave Hambleton retained his post as secretary since he still has 1 year of his term to run.

Subsequent to the meeting the board agreed that :

William Davis would be the new president

Amy Palmer the new Treasurer

  • Yard Maintenance

The board noted that in previous years enforcement of the requirement for owners to maintain a neat and tidy yard free of weeds and trash and regularly mowed had not been rigorously enforced. Several complaints have been made to the board and enforcement will be a priority for 2019. The HOA has the right, after a written warning is given to tidy up yards not complying with this requirement and send the owner the bill. This will be done in compliance with all legal requirements.

5 Parking. The Board has received several requests to ensure parking restrictions are enforced in 2019. People have been observed obstructing school buses, Intersections and drives in violation of HOA rules and in  some cases traffic laws (in which case the police are notified). When brought to the attention of the board fines will issued in accordance with the bylaws. It should be noted that failure to pay such fines may result in a lien being placed on your property.

6 Block Party/Garage Sale. The board noted that there is nothing in the restrictions, Covenants or By-Laws that allows money to be spent on block parties or garage sales.

The monies collected are to pay for lighting

Drainage maintenance that is outside individual lots and easements (e.g. drainage pond)

Insurance to protect the HOA from legal liabilities

Services to support the board in the execution of its duties

Residents of the subdivision may get together and organize such events but it is not an official function of the HOA.

7. Lights On Perry Crossing. Originally it was planned for 2 lights to be placed on Perry Crossing. One at the intersection with Prairie Place, for safety reasons. The second additional light on Perry Crossing will be between the existing light and Prairie Place. REMC and its contractor cannot place a light at the prairie place junction because two of the owners have objected and threatened legal proceedings. The light on Perry Crossing will however proceed. Board members will be working with certain residents on Perry Crossing Parkway for installation of the one light.

8 Finally it was noted that the board is the focal point for all HOA related issues it does not have sole responsibility. The responsibility for compliance with the rules lies with each individual home owner. Home owners however can and should bring on going compliance issues to the attention of the board for resolution providing as much evidence as practicable.

The meeting closed at 8 30 PM

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