Notice To HOA Members

To all HOA Membership,

The HOA Board would like to share some current state news regarding the process of reinstating the incorporation and where we are currently. 

The process has been painstaking and has taken much longer than we would have liked or anticipated. At this point, we are more than a year into working on this and have had little success thus far. It is definitely not for a lack of effort on the part of the board or the officers. However, the continued delays have left us in a position where we are forced to deal with some very tough circumstances. At this time, the bank has administratively closed the account for the HOA. We are required to maintain the incorporation in order to maintain a bank account for the HOA. With the delays, the bank exhausted all available options to keep the account open, and have issued a bankers check for all funds. This check is currently being held in a safe deposit box at the bank. 

This creates some issues for all of the residents of the neighborhood. Firstly, we cannot deposit any checks or money orders for 2020 dues paid into the HOA. We have been holding these payments in hopes that the incorporation will be reinstated and we can reopen the account for the HOA. We intend to continue holding these for the foreseeable future and will take action for depositing as soon as possible. Based on recent feedback from the attorney, we believe we are at the end phase of reinstatement. 

Another fallout from this issue is that the streetlights will be disconnected on 2/6/2020. REMC has worked with us to maintain them for as long as they could. We fully intend to make REMC whole and get the lights turned back on as quickly as possible. However, we cannot do that until the reinstatement of the incorporation allows us to reopen the bank account and access the funds to make payments. 

As a group, the board has been working diligently to solve these issues for more than a year. These are issues that were caused by mismanagement of the HOA several years in the making. The original President and board failed to take the steps required by law to remain in good standing. It is regretful that we are in our current position, but we are pushing forward with the best interests of the community in mind. 

Please feel free to reach out to the board with any questions and we will respond as promptly as possible. 


Lewis and Clark HOA Board

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