Street Lamp Vote Results

The Streetlight Meeting has adjourned.
Let me preface this announcement with the fact that a major development was discovered today. We as a Board had been operating under a misinformation that the needed quorum to have a valid vote was 2/3 of the neighborhood. According to Item 21 Section B Subsection 3 of the restrictions the quorum is actually majority of the neighborhood – or 82 votes.
We received 84 votes, meaning we had a valid vote.
75 Yes
9 No
The light vote has passed. The Board will proceed with having the streetlights installed.
As more information is available it will be shared. An announcement will be printed and disseminated to everyone as well.
If you have any questions please let a Board member know.
Thank you to everyone who voted, yes or no, and to those who came to the meeting tonight.


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  1. Eric Keyes says:

    Great news, the little flags and spray painted stripes means they are close to installing the street lamps.

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